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Return conditions

We do everything to ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition, while observing storage and freezing conditions in our refrigerated machines! 

Return of products is possible on site upon delivery of your order, so make sure that you check it upon receipt!

How can you return products?

❆ Upon receipt of the products, check them carefully and if their quality does not suit you, you can return them immediately.

❆ If you paid for your order using online payment, contact our managers to return the payment to your account.

❆ Upon delivery of goods by transport companies, return is possible only upon receipt, with return shipping at the expense of the recipient. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the packaging of goods.

What to look for when checking products?

Frozen seafood and fish often have frosting to protect against damage and moisture loss. The weight of the glaze should not exceed 14%.

There should be no ice on fresh-frozen products; they should be firm to the touch.

Chilled fish and meat should be resilient to the touch and look like fresh produce.