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About the company

Iceman - доставка заморожених продуктів

Hi! My name is Iceman and I love frost.

As a child, I was told that I had to do what my soul was for. I grew up and realized that I love the cold the most. So it turned out that now I'm delivering frost.

I carefully choose the best fish caught in the seas and rivers, I follow the freezing technology to preserve the taste and benefits. But I quickly deliver everything to your home so you can create your own delicious dishes.

ICEMAN is not just your assistant in product delivery, but a real community of people who share common values, good service and care for the quality of the products they consume.

"Our" people love to cook, and we do work for them that they do not have time (and we do it with pleasure): we select the best products, pack, stand in traffic jams, but deliver on time.

Our clients have to take their favorite recipe, turn on the music and start their culinary creativity!