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Fragrant mushroom soup ICEMAN

If the comfort of home had a delicious soundtrack, we are convinced that it would be mushroom soup. Of course, the smell alone brings the whole family together in the kitchen. This requires:

  1. Mushrooms - 300 g,
  2. Water - 2 liters,
  3. Vegetable mix,
  4. Thyme,
  5. Dill,
  6. Cilantro,
  7. Green onions,
  8. Salt,
  9. Pepper.

Get your favorite mushrooms out of the freezer. This soup can be prepared from any you like. For example, lately we are delighted with the Polish. But with white or buttermilk will also be delicious.

Defrost the mushrooms and rinse thoroughly.

Cut into pieces and place in a saucepan. We suggest adding a sprig of thyme.

Add water and simmer. Let the mushrooms cook for half an hour.

When your kitchen is already filled with divine aromas, add vegetables to the soup. We recommend adding your favorite vegetable mixture. And salt and pepper.

Cook the soup until the vegetables are ready.

We suggest adding fresh herbs to the prepared soup: cilantro, dill and onion.

Voila! Enjoy!

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