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Steamed broccoli from ICEMAN in the multicooker

Today we suggest making a very tasty and healthy beautiful dish that goes very well with both meat and fish, and if you make a tasty sauce, it can become a main course.

Steamed broccoli from ICEMAN in the multicooker.

For two servings we will need:

- broccoli - 400-500 g.

- Salt, spices - to taste

Place the pan on top of the multicooker and the pan on top of the appliance. Switch on the steam mode. As a rule of thumb, the standard steaming time in the appliance is about 20 minutes.

The cabbage should remain firm and firm, without boiling over. Such cabbage is much more useful.

Season the cooked broccoli with salt and pepper and drizzle with oil, vinegar or soy sauce if desired.

A tasty and healthy dish is ready. Bon appetit!

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Pour a glass of water into a bowl of the multicooker. Place the cabbage florets on a special steam cooking tray.

/ ICEMAN TIP: Don't salt the cabbage! The salt will draw out the moisture and the cabbage won't be very juicy.

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